Dog Food Comparisons – What Am I Looking For?

Dog food comparisons can be a helpful tool when determining what type of dog food you should get for your pet. However, with all of the information found on dog food comparison charts, what should the owner be the most concerned about? The simple answer is the types of ingredients used in the dog food. Other issues such as palatability and cost are secondary concerns, since these do not contribute to a dog’s health.

Along that vein, there are three things you need to be on the look out for when analyzing dog food comparisons: the sources used for protein, the amount of preservatives used and whether or not the dog food contains corn. Look at the sections below for more information.

1. Protein Sources

First and foremost, you need to look at protein sources a company uses for their dog food. This information should be readily available on dog food comparisons that are truly objective. If you do not see it, you need to move on to the next website, because chances are the dog food comparison chart is only for promotional purposes.

Anyway, most dog food companies will derive animal protein from five sources: real meat, meat by-products, bone meal, beef tallow and animal fat. Of these sources, obviously, real meat is the best. However, animal fat may not be as bad, assuming the fat comes from a source that is already preserved. But everything else on the list needs to be avoided, since they do not provide the amount of protein a dog needs for healthy functioning.

2. Amount of Preservatives

Preservative information should also be readily available in dog comparisons…even if the chart is more subjective. Why? Well, many ‘organic’ dog food companies like showcasing how few preservatives are in their food. So, they would have no problem publishing this information in their dog food comparisons. However, still tread with caution. Even if all the ingredients seem natural, use an organic dog food comparison chart to make sure the company is telling the truth.

3. The Presence of Corn

Finally, good dog food comparisons will let you know whether or not a brand of dog food contains corn. Why is this important? Studies have shown that dogs have a difficult time digesting corn… even if it’s in a small amount. So, don’t put your dog in agony. If a particular brand of dog food has corn in it, find something else you can feed your pet.

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