Carpet Cleaning For Pet Owners – 3 Things You Need To Know

Being a pet owner is not as simple as most of us expect. There are several tasks involved, like feeding them, love them, play with them and most important clean after them. It is almost like having a second job, where you can not forget about taking care of your own home and family. And if you have a house full of carpet then there is when the problems get worst.

Like all of us know, carpets get stained and fade with regular traffic. They start losing their color, showing traffic lanes pattern. Most of us are careful to wipe off our shoes before walking on the carpet, or even take them off. This way we prevent our carpet to get soiled and prolong their clean appearance. But how do you teach your cats or dogs how to do this? For sure it is an almost impossible task to teach them to wipe off their muddy paws before entering the house from the backyard.

But do not panic, it sounds like we are in big trouble. But to calm everyone down I am going to share some useful tips and points to keep your carpet looking good and fresh longer.

The first step, and perhaps most important, is to vacuum your carpet in a regular basis. Usually is recommended to vacuum the carpets at least once a week, to prevent the soil to get deep down the fibers. But when you have a pet inside the house you should expect to vacuum more often, let's say two or three times a week. The more the better it is. This will help to remove the pet hair and soil. In case there are wood or tile floors, sweep or vacuum them as well. If not most of the dirt will transfer from one floor to the other, making it harder to keep it clean.

This step is important not only to get dust, soil and pet hairs to a minimum, but also will help to prevent allergies development caused by these polluters.

But what happens when we are not dealing only with dry soil? For sure one of the biggest problems is when your pet thinks the carpet is a big toilet for them.

In case your pet has an accident, it is very important to act fast and remove as much urine as possible while still wet. This will give you better opportunities to extract the urine and avoid a bad odor and stain. As soon as you see this happen, take a lot of paper towels and newspaper and put them on top of the urine. You can use the help of a weight here. This is to make the paper absorb as much urine from the carpet as possible. Let it sit for a while. A small shop vac is also handy. If using the paper, after removing it from the carpet place those in the cat o dog litter for training.

A good home recipe for the odor problem is warm water and vinegar at a 3: 1 ratio. It will be similar process. Apply directly to the urine stain and blot it up after a few minutes. Use dry towels and avoid scrubbing the stain. Just blot it, do not rub over the stain to avoid spreading it. After this sparkle some baking soda on top and vacuum it after a couple of hours at least.

This might look as a lot of work and detail. Always keep your professional carpet clean contact information handy.

Source by Alberto Rivero

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