Allergies – Why Are Fruit and Vegetable Allergies Increasing Due to Food Sensitivities

You would think that fruit and vegetables are good for you but what do people do that are allergic to them. It is a strange phenomena to see that fruit and vegetable allergies are on the rise. We were always told that it is important to eat your fruit and vegetables everyday because they were good for you. If this is true, why is this happening is the question? The answer is easy but also complicated at the same time. We need to remember that these foods are healthy foods and are important to maintain our health.

If you listen to all the Allergy experts, they will tell you that fruit and vegetable allergies are on the rise. It is even worse for the younger generation. Children can have the following symptoms of swelling of the mouth, throat and breathing problems which make you think it is Asthma. The thing is, these children do not have Asthma but are allergic to fruits and vegetables. My neighbor next door cannot eat carrots because she gets hives from them. If she drinks organic carrot juice, she does not react so it must be some form of pesticide or something that is affecting her allergy.

In my business, I run across a lot of people who have allergenic symptoms to many things such as mold, chemicals, food, grass and dust mites. The worst of all them is food allergies from fruits. It seems that something is being sprayed on them to cause all these food sensitivities. I personally am allergic to bananas. They give me an upset stomach, swelling of my airways and the sinusis get stuffed up. The funny thing is if I eat organic bananas from Whole Foods, they do not upset my stomach or my throat does not swell up. This only confirms my suspicions that it is something being sprayed on the bananas that I am allergic to.

In conclusion, some chemical is being sprayed on fruits and vegetables that people are food sensitive to. It could also be Genetically Modified Foods. These foods are not natural and our bodies do not like them. Very few people have allergies to organic foods so this says something about the Genetically Modified Foods. I personally will never eat Genetically Modified Foods because of this reason. Next time you go to Whole Foods, buy a organic fruit banana and buy a Genetically Modified Fruit from the grocery store. Try the test yourself and you will know the answer. If you find that Fruits and Vegetables are making you sick, consult with your Doctor.

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