Safeguard your pets from fireworks

Photo: Animal InFo Media

A festive time for you and your family discharging big bright loud fireworks is not as pleasant for them as it may be for you.

Here are a few tips to lessen the torment they put through

Keep your pets safe and secure indoors

Avoid you pet escaping the fenced boundary as this puts them at greater risk like getting accidentally knocked.

Keep them busy

Keep your cat or day busy by giving them treats and toys to play with; this will act as a distraction to the loud bangs of fireworks being discharged outdoors.

Mask the noise

Fireworks are at least two times louder to dogs and cats than they are to humans.

Calming music or even a TV programme at a reasonable volume can mask the loud noise of discharging fireworks.

Update their ID tags

If your pet wears a ID tag around their neck, just in case of an emergency if it is updated early enough your pet will be able to be easily reunited with you.

Safe place

If you have a spare room draw the curtains and make it cosy and comfortable just for them. A box with a fluffy blanket might also work.

Skip the celebration

If you know your pets suffers from extreme anxiety skip celebrating and spend time with them or speak to your vet beforehand to prescribe something to calm your pet.

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