Huge influx of unwanted pets strains Amanzimtoti SPCA

THE year 2019 has started on the backfoot at Amanzimtoti SPCA, after a whopping 115 pets were surrendered to the animal welfare organisation in the week between Saturday, 29 December and Saturday, 5 January.

The Nyati Road branch of the SPCA usually receives about five to 10 pets on any ordinary day of the year. However, over the Christmas and New Year’s period, the statistics were devastatingly high. An additional 56 pets were received as strays.

The worst day was 2 January, when 40 pets were surrendered by their owners during the course of the day. “You hear about old pets being given away to make way for new puppies and kittens at Christmas, well sadly this is a reality, and it happens every year. Loyal old dogs and cats now sit in the SPCA’s kennels wondering what they did wrong. The devastating truth is not all these pets will find new homes. Some will have to be humanely euthanased in the loving arms of a stranger. Try to imagine how heart wrenching this is for the SPCA staff, who have dedicated their lives to animal welfare,” said SPCA’s Stacey Wall.

As a result of the influx, the local SPCA is taking strain – physically, emotionally and financially. If you want to help, here are five things you can do:

1) Donate pet food, to help feed the many hungry stomachs.
2) Donate money. The SPCA receives no government funding, and relies on the generosity of the public. Along with so many more pets in its care, comes much higher bills to pay.
3) Adopt a pet: The SPCA has lovely pets available for adoption, everything from large breeds to small breeds, adults, puppies and kittens. Save a life by opting to adopt.
4) Sterilise your pets: This is the only way to counteract the serious overpopulation of dogs and cats. All year round, SPCAs around the country are inundated with homeless pets. There just aren’t enough homes, or even cages, for them all.
5) Spread the word. Like the SPCA Amanzimtoti Facebook page, share their posts, and talk to your friends and family about the struggles facing the local SPCA, and what they can do to help.
Remember, when you take on a pet, you are making a commitment to care for it for their entire lifetime, which could be up to 15 to 20 years. Pets are not toys, nor are they disposable. They are family members.
For the SPCA staff, on most days it feels like they are fighting a losing battle, but they soldier on and fight every day to uplift animals from horrendous suffering, and be a voice for the voiceless. They can’t do it without your help.

The SPCA Amanzimtoti banking details are:

Amanzimtoti SPCA
Standard Bank
Current account
Account number 053211189
Branch code 057827

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