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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This bitter blast has led to the declaration of a code blue in Philadelphia. Conditions outside are hazardous to both people and pets.

The code blue will remain in effect until further notice.

That means wind chills are 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below and that has Philadelphia officials concerned about those staying outside for long periods of time.

Temperatures have dipped below zero across the region and it’s especially cold for people who have no place to call home.

“Me and my wife, we lived in a house for almost 11 years. And I lived on the streets for about four and a half years now,” said Christian Quertey.

Christian Quertey ended up on the streets after a failed marriage on top of losing his job.

On nights like Thursday it can be difficult to keep warm.

“I try hanging around the train station to get myself warm,” said Quertey.

Christian will spend his evening outside of the Convention Center with lots of donated blankets.

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Another organization is making sure the animals are kept warm.

“If you’re cold guess what, they’re cold too,” said ACCT Philly Executive Director Susan Russell.

The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia will be responding to calls of pets being left outside in the cold.

“People can have animals in warm houses outside, that’s not against the law,” said Russell. “But, we really recommend that they come in. If you have an outside dog, put them downstairs in the basement until the cold snap passes.”

So far ACCT Philly has responded to one call of a dog being left outdoors.

They’re hoping everyone continues to be mindful of pets during this code blue.

“If you suspect that animal is out and freezing and is stuck outside in the cold you should call the ACCT Philly,” said Russell.

If you know of a pet that is outside and needs to be somewhere warm give ACCT Philly a call at 267-385-3800.

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