“a raw food diet is unhealthy” – Truth about Pet Food

A carefully worded Purina webpage could easily result in a lawsuit against Purina from the raw pet food industry (and perhaps should).

On the Purina website, under the category of “Dogs” and “Nutrition” is this headline…

The headline only mentions “raw meat“, but Purina crosses the line into an attack on the competing raw pet food segment within the first paragraph; (bold added) “But a raw food diet is unhealthy for dogs…

The quoted term in the headline “raw meat” is VERY different than the quoted term in the first paragraph “raw food diet“. “Raw meat” implies pet owners feeding their pet raw meat. A “raw food diet” specifically implies a commercial ‘raw food diet’.

The Purina article continues with this…

MYTH 1. Dogs need to eat nothing but meat.

Many people picture dogs fending for themselves in the wild, eating nothing but the meat off their prey. In reality, that’s not necessarily true. Dogs eat and digest plants as well as meat.

As unappetizing as it sounds, wild dogs often eat the whole animal, bones and intestinal contents included. Consuming the whole animal helps them obtain nutrients such as calcium that aren’t abundant in meat.

Pet owners who do attempt to approximate an animal’s diet in the wild often don’t have the expertise and resources to provide balanced levels of the many nutrients they need. Instead, it’s more of a guessing game — one that may lead to nutritional deficiencies.
MYTH 2. You shouldn’t trust commercial pet food.

Purina’s quality pet foods are backed by years of canine and feline nutritional studies. To develop products, Purina scientists conduct research and look to veterinary colleges and animal nutritionists in Animal Science programs. They’re always looking for new information and innovations that can help pets live better lives.

Remember, no single food or food group can provide all the nutrients we need in proper proportions. Manufacturers of good quality pet foods follow the same philosophy, incorporating all the nutrients a dog needs during a particular life stage into nutritionally complete and balanced diets.

Think of it this way: The people who work at these brands are pet lovers themselves, and want to create a food worthy of their own pets. Instead of risking malnutrition and possibly disease, it’s always better to give a research-backed, prepared food made for a pet like yours.

Under “Myth 1”, Purina insults pet owners, claiming we are incapable. We are capable of preparing food for our human family – addressing nutritional needs of (as example) our children through diet, but we lack the “expertise” and “resources” to prepare food for our pets. Not true Purina.

Under “Myth 2 You shouldn’t trust a commercial pet food” Purina alludes that raw pet food isn’t complete and balanced. Not true Purina. All ‘Complete and Balanced’ pet foods – no matter if they are raw, kibble, can, cooked or dehydrated – are required by pet food regulations to ‘incorporate all the nutrients a dog needs during a particular life stage.’

And under “Myth 2”, Purina alludes that pet owners providing ‘raw food diets’ to their pet are “risking malnutrition and possibly disease” by doing so.

Shame on you Purina. Though you seem to disagree, pet owners are not stupid. Insulting us and providing misleading information about your competition isn’t the correct method to gain sales.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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