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What the pet food television commercials forget to tell pet owners about: the smell.

Unless you live near a pet food manufacturing facility or a pet food ingredient facility, you probably don’t think much about the smell of manufacturing. But those that do live near these pet food plants, complain about the horrible odors.

Recently, the Blue Buffalo pet food manufacturing facility in Joplin, MO – Heartland Pet Food – has had numerous complaints filed against it for strong odors. Below are screen shot images from multiple documents provided in a search of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website.


Pet food/feed ingredient manufacturing can be stinky business too. Below are more odor complaints regarding “Protein Solutions” in Joplin, MO obtained in a search on the Missouri Department of Natural Resources website.


It is unknown if this has been filed in court, but news stations in the Joplin area reported on a story of a potential lawsuit against Protein Solutions for odor issues.

A St. Louis, MO Fox News story on April 7, 2019 stated Blue Buffalo and Protein Solutions “were flagged last week for violations.”

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