Feed Tweets – Truth about Pet Food

From strange foreign objects, to bugs, to mold. Recent pet food (feed) Twitter posts.

All of these pet feed tweets were posted since May 1, 2019. The pet owners twitter names were redacted in each image.

Foreign Objects found in pet food:

Found in a Blue Buffalo pet food – @BlueBuffalo:

And found in Friskies pet food – @Friskies:

Another pet owner found this in Friskies:

A tweet to Hill’s pet food – @HillsPet – found this unusual item in their pet’s food:

In multiple tweets to Natural Balance pet food – @NaturalBalance, a pet owner provided a picture of a bone sticking out of their kibble:

A pet owner shared with Purina ProPlan – @ProPlan – strange objects embedded in the kibble:

This pet owner found five screws in her Royal Canin cat food – @RoyalCanin:

Mold, clumps, spoiled pet food tweets:

This pet owner found her bag of Freshpet Pet Food – @Freshpet – swollen and spoiled easily:

Another pet owner found “green” pieces of Freshpet:

This pet owner found molded kibble at the bottom of the bag of her Hill’s pet food – @HillsPet:

One tweet for clumps of Merrick pet food – @MerrickPetCare, another for moldly Merrick kibble:

This pet owner found a large clump in Purina Pro Plan – @ProPlan – that Purina described as “a buildup of the coating we use on our food“:

This pet owner showed Purina a moldy can of cat food:

Pet owners sent Purina One pet food – @PurinaOne – evidence of moth and bug infestation (both of these Tweets were videos – click on the link below the image to view on Twitter):

Improperly filled cans:

There was 2 complaints tweeted to Merrick pet food – @MerrickPetCare – regarding cans that were not full:

Other feed tweets:

This pet owner tweeted about a kibble size change and bag weight change, Taste of the Wild pet food – @TOTWPetFood – tweeted back that there was a price increase of ingredients:

No explanation was provided for this strange Wellness pet food – @WellnessPetFood:

A new veterinary clinic was looking for some perks from Royal Canin:

And this pet owner was wanting their Purina perks:

This pet owner was hopeful to turn their pet into a Purina model:

Hmmm…Fancy Feast claiming feed grade pet foods contain no ingredients that are harmful to people?

Another hmmm…I am not aware of any new AAFCO regulations that would have required lowering the protein and increasing the carbs in pet food:

Pet owners can monitor any tweets to pet food by visiting Twitter.com, go to the company page of your choice, then click on Tweets & Replies.

Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

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